Freelance Animator


Here's some animations I've worked on.

Will be updated periodically.


Here's some images I've made.

About Me

Hey, I'm Ibrahim Dehhani; also known as TehCrayz. I am a freelance animator who's sole purpose is to entertain. I'm a 18 year old male living in London with the intention of making a living off animation. I animate using Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS6 and CACANi with roughly 5 years of experience while using a Wacom Intuos tablet. I have basic knowledge of using other programs such as After effects, Photoshop and Premiere. My style mainly revolves around Anime as it's a big inspiration for me. I also like cats.

What I'm currently working on

Currently working on a Commission.

My terms:

  • Payment will be made only through PayPal
  • Payments must be delivered either
    1. Every 1/3 of animation complete
    2. Half up-front, the rest after
  • Unless you can provide references of past payments in order to be trusted, you will be required to pay half up-front
  • Any work shown will be watermarked until i have received the final payment
  • Once the Animation has been completed, handed over to the client and the payment has been received. Any additional changes to the work will cost extra (depending on the complexity of the change needed)
  • I may livestream the some of the process of me animating your project.
    • This would help in many ways such as for you to see how much work I'm getting done and for you to see whether what I'm doing is as you envisioned.
    • This may be done unless you specify otherwise.


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